Bed & Breakfast

Picture of single room During the summer, Lotsstugan is open for Bed & Breakfast. Lotsstugan is easy to find and only 15 minutes by car from Härnösand city center. This is the place to enjoy the beautiful nature, listen to the sound of the ocean/waves, and read a good book.

Lotsstugan offers a breakfast buffé in the morning for our B&B guests. There is seating outside where guests can experience the surroundings. Inside Lotsstugan you'll find the relaxation installment with a sauna and conceivably the most magnificent ocean view.

Parking space is available approximately 200 meters or 220 yards from Lotsstugan.

The scenery at Lotsstugan is like nothing else! It's a quiet place far from the noice pollution of the city. Why not take a walk on the one-of-a-kind cliffs of the High Coast or the forest trail. It's only 4 km to Smitingen beach and nature reserve. Our recommendation is sunbathing or walking the geology trail in the preserve. There are also numerous caves in the reserve for the explorer.

Pictures of Lotsstugan: Foton

The summer 2024 we will open our B&B June 24th and closing August 11th.