We value:

High Quality
We strive for the highest quality in everything we have to offer. Our guests can expect a great stay.
Warm Hospitality
All of our guests are greeted personally by the staff of Lotsstugan. We are service minded and look after each and everyones needs.
Environmental Awareness
The owners of Lotsstugan have a strong environmental commitment.
The High Coast Nature
The surrounding nature is magnificent, with cliffs heated by the sun, spectacular storms, stunning sunrises, northen lights, starry night skies, eagles, seabirds and wild animals.
Local touch
The location of Lotsstugan is unique and important for the quality that we offer our guests. We want our guests to taste and feel the High Coast in every moment. As such, the food we serve is made at Lotsstugan and made of locally/organically produced products. The displayed art is mostly from known and local artists. We arrange activities in cooperation with local associations.

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Each group has the whole facility for themselves with full service. We customize your stay per your request. A short meeting and dinner party with accommodation and breakfast? Or a one-week, all-inclusive stay, with selected activities? We got you covered! Contact us with your request and we will get back to you with a price. We charge for at least 7 people even if your group is smaller.

Lotsstugan offer:

  • 13 bedrooms with a total of 24 beds
  • 3 conference rooms in varying sizes from 10 to 30 people. All conference rooms have whiteboards, flip charts and access to digital projectors. Lotsstugan has Wi-Fi and offers conference phone per request. There is always fruit and water available in the conference rooms.
  • Lounge, sauna, relax, and dining room for up to 30 people.